Transforming a leading Telco company

By partnering with New Metrics, this leading telco company saw a reduction in development costs and an increase in customer satisfaction nationwide.

The Business Challenge

With 2,000+ employees, Oman’s flagship telecommunications service provider wanted to optimise customer experience and transform their internal operational processes to make them more efficient.


New Metrics launched a four-month continuous enhancement of customer experience programme and customer journey mapping implementation, which followed the agile methodology.

The Process

  • Communication campaign
  • End-to-end value mapping 
  • Assessment and design of physical and IT infrastructure 
  • Design of four agile teams’ structure and operating model
  • Customised induction programme for Agile team members 
  • 100+ hours coaching sessions for product owners and scrum masters  
  • Support in developing product backlog based on the Voice of Customer data 



average product development cycle


reduction in development costs


increase in customer satisfaction nationwide

Four agile teams were established within the organisation: Product Development and E-shop Optimisation (B2B), Product Development and Mobile App Optimisation (B2C). These were designed to enable the continuous development of new products and optimise existing channels for both the retail and enterprise areas of the business. The programme achieved: a 3-week average product development cycle, 27% reduction in development costs and a 16% increase in customer satisfaction nationwide.

Programme Impact

  • Four agile teams were set up to work in Scrum & DevOps
  • Increased awareness and education around agile methodology was developed throughout the organisation
  • Streams to be handled by agile teams in the future were identified
  • A solid structure was developed, to enable the agile teams to perform long-term
  • Mastering of agile practices enabled teams to perform at maximum speed and quality 
  • A transformation road map was created, developed on the basis of pilot programme outcomes

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