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A successful brand grows around its customers. Today, more than ever, organisations need to modify their operating models and corporate cultures to evolve, adapt quickly and serve their clients more efficiently.

Utilising a set of change interventions that enable deeper insight, capability building and rapid implementations, our organisational transformations achieve sustainable impact.

We expertly design for your future, creating competitive advantage in an ever-changing world.

Agile Transformation

Successful companies react positively to sudden shifts in overall market conditions, new competitors and rapid advancements in technology.

We equip businesses to compete in the future.

Whether you’re in need of a renewed focus on customer experience, increased innovation, a faster product development lifecycle, or a reduction in processes – our strategies inspire your employees, maximise the power of products and embrace innovation.



Ensuring that systems’ platforms and architecture are fully aligned with your business direction and will facilitate agile processes.


Aligning operating models, utilising different stakeholders’ skills to ensure maximised delivery and accelerate decision-making.


Designing physical or digital workspaces that effectively support businesses by promoting cross team collaboration, productivity and transparency.


Analysing the efficiency and effectiveness of current processes, re-engineering them to establish cross-functional collaboration and defining the success metrics that are most relevant to overall business strategies.


Creating a communication plan that’s in alignment with strategy and business’ overall vision. Developing the mindsets and soft skills required by leadership teams to effectively foster collaboration and increase adaptability.

Digital transformation

Organisations must embrace changing market conditions to stays competitive in the VUCA world.

We excel at positioning you at least one step ahead.

Reimagining your business needs for the digital age, we use digital technologies to create or modify business processes, culture, and customer experiences.


Digital Strategy

Harnessing the power of opportunities and creating new business models that result in developing business value.  

Digital Roadmap

Planning a successful digital transformation by prioritising anticipated business value and organisation readiness.

Digital Experience Technology

Securing a quick and scalable experience by leveraging the proper technology to capture and analyse customers’ digital experiences and increasing chances of winning in the digital arena.

Digital Maturity Assessment

Understanding the current maturity of the organisation, identifying the gaps and potential solutions that will overcome shortcomings.

User Experience & User Interface Design

Utilising the power of design to launch seamless, frictionless, and consistent experiences that account for users’ expectations, whilst offering a modern look and feel.

Digital Product Management

Incubating and growing digital products to disrupt and enhance the way sales, marketing and support are accomplished.

Monetisation Strategy Design

Seizing data monetisation opportunities and designing scalable strategies to create sustainable business models.

Advanced Analytics, Automation

Capitalising on the ever-growing value of data to transform how business decisions are made, increasing opportunities to reach customers and business partners whilst enhancing products and services.


To excel in today’s fast paced and competitive business environments, organisations must be empowered with the ability to adapt to change.

We achieve vital and sustainable results by sensitively transforming mindsets and behaviours.

A highly effective roadmap steers your employees efficiently through various scenarios, ranging from project-specific to complex transformational change.


Employee Experience

Creating an authentic hiring brand that attracts and retains the right talent for workplace culture, initially discovering what matters most to employees across all touch points. Converting people into true advocates who will bring their best self to work and benefit their organisations with increased productivity and success.

Leadership & Values

Aligning vision, values and solid strategic focus to ensure leadership teams are prepared to empower their workforces. Equipping executive teams with the ever-changing capabilities they require to make a difference, which facilitates accelerated delivery.

Internal Communication & Collaboration

Reimagining communication channels and approaches to break down silos, increase collaboration and assure that everyone enjoys the benefits of being a member of an inclusive workforce. Creating an effective flow of information and fostering high quality connections across an entire organisation.

Organisational Analytics & Design

Gaining real time access to meaningful metrics with custom built dashboards and research, leading to an understanding of what positively enhances employee engagement, productivity, performance and loyalty.

Culture Change Programme Design

Supporting aspirations to achieve organisational transformation and success by creating Culture change programmes which assure increased adoption and growth by engaging and enabling employees around a shared mission.

Organisational Culture Assessment

Understanding if current culture is fuelling or hindering future growth, whilst identifying risk and opportunity areas. Pinpointing what makes an organisation unique and authentic so that businesses can harness the power their culture within transformations.

Innovation Labs

Breaking free of the constraints of organisational structures, policies, budgets and processes by creating an incubated environment. Employees meet to experiment with design thinking, innovation and market research approaches. This is the forum where prototype-ready ideas can be developed, which may turn into the next superstar product or service.


Leading Telco Company

By partnering with New Metrics, this leading telco company saw a reduction in development costs and an increase in customer satisfaction nationwide.

Electricity Utility Company

The employee experience journey designed by New Metrics changed and developed workplace culture at this leading electricity company, increasing employee engagement.


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