Rocket Launch Case Study

The customised multi-mode approach of New Metrics’ eighteen-month programme led this regional telecoms leader to higher efficiency, shorter product development cycle and increased brand loyalty.

The Business Challenge

A regional leader in the telecoms industry wanted to improve customer loyalty, become more consumer-centric, confidently respond to a new market entrant threat and launch new products faster. 


Spanning four key learning disciplines, the customised multi-mode approach of New Metrics’ fully bespoke eighteen-month programme engaged sixty employees from the company’s commercial departments.  

The PRocess

  • Discovery: TNA survey & 5-day on-site design discovery 
  • Launchpads: Eight Marcom Launchpads delivered by Telco Experts
  • Test Missions: Twelve Product Design Action Learning Projects
  • Hackathon: Bespoke Innovation Event 
  • Simulation: Two Brand & Digital Media Simulations
  • Immersion: 10-day CX & Industry Discovery in London 


With a focus on optimising existing channels for both retail and enterprise, internal operational areas of the business became more efficient.

The implementation of a new go-to-market strategy resulted in the programme achieving a shorter product development cycle.

A future store concept was designed to encourage customer interaction, discovery and experience, which helped to increase brand loyalty.

The program has been a real skill enhancer for my team and me. The content and pace were perfectly suited to our needs. The trainers, apart from being knowledgeable on the subjects, have real-world industry experience, which enhances the learning.  The format including project work and personal coaching kept the whole process engaging and exciting.

Manager Enterprise – Leading EMEA Telco

Programme Impact

  • Three products launched to market faster than projected timeframes
  • Future store concept launched
  • New European partnerships were forged 
  • Appointment of a female Hipo programme participant into Leadership 
  • Uplift of engagement & collaboration
  • ATD award for learning in 2020

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