National Day Special – What Would You Do for Oman?

” Ask not what your country can do for you—ask what you can do for your country”

It’s is the professional and moral duty of every citizen or resident of Oman to contribute to the development of the Sultanate in any way that they can. As an expatriate, it’s my ethical responsibility to add value to the country and apply my experience for the country’s benefit. Oman is a young country where knowledge transfer, innovation and sustainability are crucial.

Oman is one of the most hospitable countries where people are welcomed and feel they are at home. This culture of acceptance and understanding should be reflected in every company.

Leaders, expats or locals, should embrace differences and establish a culture where employees feel free to voice their opinions and are listened to.  Diversity spurs innovation.

Companies also need to be sustainable, but that doesn’t only mean that they need to be profitable. Companies should support the local community and hire and develop young Omanis. Some young employees may stay, others may leave to find better opportunities or start their own businesses, but ultimately your role in their development will contribute to the economy and eventually the sustainability of your business. As a leader, I have a responsibility to make sure that the people who entrusted me with their children and siblings are getting my full support and mentorship. That will also drive a sustainable growth for Oman and the companies that operate in it.

As expats, we all need to be ambassadors of Oman and promote its qualities to our friends and relatives. This country is unique in so many ways and we are all very fortunate to be here.

Mohamed Debouk – CEO of New Metrics LLC