New Metrics Launches Patient Experience Program in UAE

We are delighted to announce our new project with Danat Al Emarat, a world-class specialty women and children’s hospital located in Abu Dhabi. 

Together with SAP Mena and Qualtrics, we will be working to design and implement a comprehensive Voice of Patient program aimed to continuously optimize patient experience through live data. The project is part of Danat Al Emarat’s strategy to provide patient-centric care in an exceptional environment.

Positive patient experience at each step of the journey is crucial for patient satisfaction. Obviously, excellent quality of care is essential, however other factors such as wait-times, facilities, responsiveness and empathy of staff, engagement of patients’ loved ones, and transparency of cost play a serious role in determining whether a patient will continue with a healthcare provider or look elsewhere.

Our work with Danat Al Emarat together with our technology partners SAP Mena and Qualtrics will enable the hospital to continuously improve the patient experience through live feedback data. This will allow for proactive actions to delight patients by better understanding how operational data impacts the delivered experience.  Continuous live feedback means that healthcare providers can stay one step ahead.

Ultimately, the technology will allow Danat Al Emarat to understand and then anticipate what patients really want in order to provide the best holistic experience.

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