New Metrics Receives 100 Percent Satisfaction Rating for ahliBank Sales Training Program

New Metrics has recently concluded a bespoke Sales training program with prominent Oman bank – ahliBank.  The four-month program involved series of two-day workshops that targeted over 95 individuals in sales and management roles within the Bank.  The training was designed to equip participants with a deeper knowledge of customer-centric selling techniques including positive first impressions, managing customer expectations and building long-term customer loyalty.  Pre and post-training assessments along with participant feedback revealed the success of the program with an overwhelmingly positive response and significant learning retention.

Commenting on the program, New Metrics Client Engagement Director Miriam Kugel noted, “For any sales training program to be impactful, it must take a customer centric approach.  Effective selling goes hand-in-hand with understanding the needs and behaviour of the customer.  Not only does every interaction between an employee and customer affect the retention of that customer, but employees with effective customer service skills feel a greater sense of engagement and commitment to their jobs in the long term.”

“This program, as with any learning and development program we run, involved a high level of customisation so that we could address in a meaningful way the areas of improvement.  Our aim was to provide the tools to help employees feel empowered and more capable as banking sales professionals, which will in turn positively impact the customer experience at the Bank as a whole,” added Miriam Kugel.

The training received an overwhelmingly positive response from participants with a total of 100 percent satisfaction rating.  One participant commented, “Excellent training, I enjoyed it a lot as I learnt how to become more sensitive to the needs of my customers.  Another noted, “Excellent workshop – now I will work with my team on how to sell products as per the customer’s needs.”

Noting the importance of the program, Muneer Al Balushi, AGM Head of Distribution said, “At ahliBank we recognise that if our employees feel confident in their capabilities, they will create a positive experience for our customers at every interaction.  Customer centricity is a key priority of the Bank moving forward and therefore it is important to invest in our employees as they hold the key to great customer experience.”

This Sales training was one among many New Metrics learning and development and consultancy programs currently underway with various organisations across the Sultanate. Read more about our Learning and Development solutions here.