Succession Planning & Omanisation Workshop Coming Soon to Muscat

In 2011, Steve Jobs was diagnosed with cancer.  When the news became public, Apple stocks dropped by 6% wiping $32 Billion off the company’s value.

While we don’t all work for one of the world’s richest companies, the message is the same. Investors, employees, and customers  want to know who will be leading the company if the people at the top change. People don’t like uncertainty and would rather be aware that plans have been put in place to safeguard business continuity if people at the top leave or change. Succession planning mitigates risk and builds confidence in all stakeholders.  This begs the question, how good is your succession plan?

We will be exploring this question and more in the upcoming open workshop Building the Future: Succession Planning and Omanisation, taking place on the 26-27th June at the Sundus Rotana Muscat.

The 2-day practical workshop aims to develop a thorough understanding of succession planning; its importance, processes, challenges and applications.  We will cover a number of topics including; the various models of succession planning and which model best suits your organisation, industry insights to best practice and challenges faced when implementing succession planning, and key fundamentals necessary in making your succession plan effective.  In addition, we will look at how to build in Omanisation from the outset to use succession planning as a tool to retain top Omani Talent.

The workshop will be delivered by regional talent management expert Ali Shaher, a British National who has worked in the GCC for the past two decades. Ali has held various senior roles to support strategic human capital development from learning and development to succession planning and leadership. With a nuanced understanding of the region, Ali has developed an acute insight into the specific challenges and complexities of human capital development with a strong emphasis in supporting regional HC & nationalisation strategies.

This is a one-time only event with limited seats available. For more details on bookings and pricing, please email or call 24409904. Download the brochure here.